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Importance of Dhoop – Sambrani – Incense fumes in Hindu Homes

Using Dhoop – Sambrani - Incense fumes is a traditional and spiritual method in Hindu homes to uplift the energy level and to drive out negative energy and negative forces. This is a very ancient tradition in Hinduism and it is also known as Dhuni.

The fumes are made in traditional Hindu home using:
  • Loban Sambrani
  • Guggal
  • Kapur
  • Desi Ghee
  • Chandan
  • Ashta Gandh
  • Jaggery and ghee
The fumes of one of the above said materials are spread all over the house to attract auspiciousness.

Doing dhuni helps avoiding

  • Constant fights at home.
  • If people in the house are constantly falling sick.
  • To driving out evil forces and negative energy.
Lighting kapur or camphor dipped in ghee before sleeping helps in relieving tension and in getting good sleep.

Doing dhuni in the morning and evening at home helps in alleviating emotional problems. It also helps in keeping out various germs. Health of the family members