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Can Garuda Purana Be Kept at Home? – Can We Read Garud Puran At Home?

There are certain superstitions in Hinduism spread by people who have no knowledge about the religion and one such strange superstition is related to Garuda Purana. There is a belief among some Hindus that Garud Puran should not be read at home and the book should be kept in house. It should be read only when there is a death in the family.

  1. Can Garuda Purana Be Kept at Home? Yes, it can be kept at home. 
  2. Can We Read Garud Puran at home? Yes, it should be read and properly understood.
Garuda Purana has two parts;

  • The first part is dedicated to Vishnu Bhakti
  • The second part is dedicated to the journey of the dead and the rituals that have to be performed by relatives.
The advantage of reading the Garuda Purana:

  • It gives complete information about sin and virtue
  • The results of our activities on earth.
  • It is a complete guide to the Hindu concept of hell and heaven.
  • The basic knowledge required to perform Shradh and other rituals towards the dead is found in the purana.  

Garuda Purana was composed by Veda Vyasa.
It is one of the eighteen puranas.
It was first narrated by Lord Vishnu to Garuda (vehicle of Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu).