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We are the architect of our destiny - Quotes and Quips

Earth becomes hell for us when our minds are filled with lust, anger, hatred and greed.

Hatred is a fire that keeps burning in our heart. It does more harm to us than to our enemy.

Pay attention to our thoughts. They are forces that can make or mar a person.

Our thoughts, desires, impulses, emotions, feelings and fancies decide whether we are building heaven or hell on earth.

Our present condition is the result of our thoughts and actions. We are the architect of our destiny.

We can develop heaven around us when we have thoughts of love, compassion, beauty, joy, faith, freedom, good health, happiness, harmony, purity, peace and wisdom.

Drop the weight of the world and live like a free flowing feather. The weight of the world is ignorance and the free flowing feather is self realization.

Do not become a slave of circumstances for this you need to remain untouched by success and failures.

What is right living? We always hear about them in scriptures. Right living consists of earning one’s living following Dharma. In simple words, earn a living through fair or honest means. Evil and selfish means of livelihood should be avoided. One should earn a livelihood through the sweat of the brow.