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The aim of life is to avoid misery and attain eternal bliss – Swami Chidananda

The aim of life is to avoid misery and attain Eternal Bliss. Birth in this world is inseparably connected with misery. If you wish to avoid misery, pain and sorrow, you must avoid rebirth. Knowledge of Brahman is the only means of avoiding rebirth.

Meditation and meditation alone, (no other process has been discovered since Creation), has the power to reach up to the ultimate God-experience.

Radiantly effulgent, you have come here upon earth to shine, illumine all, and leave this world a thing of brightness.

Meditation is a subject of the most vital importance to everyone who wants happiness and peace, who wants to find strength within, who wants a truly integrated, radiant and magnetic personality. On every level of your life, meditation brings rewards in terms of your true spiritual nature, in terms of the spiritual experience which it bestows upon you.

- Swami Chidananda