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Story – How Krishna managed to keep 16008 wives happy? – Sage Narada Wanted to Know

There is an interesting story in the 10th Skandha of Srimad Bhagavad Purana regarding how Krishna managed to keep his 16008 wives happy. Sage Narada was always curious about the activities of Lord Krishna on earth. He kept a close watch on Sri Krishna as he got new knowledge each time he interacted with Krishna.

One day, Saga Narada was curious as to how Krishna managed to satisfy his 16008 wives. He thought this was a good opportunity create rift among the wives and Krishna.

Sage Narada visited the house of one of the wives and he found Krishna there. So he decided pay a visit to the house of another wife and play some mischief but here too he found Sri Krishna chatting with his wife.

Sage Narada was not ready to give up so he visited all the 16008 houses and he found Sri Krishna in each of the house.

Narada was wonder-struck to find Krishna engaged in conversation with his wives in all the houses he visited.

Later Sage Narada realized that only Krishna exists and rest all are our illusion. 16008 wives were Krishna. There is only Krishna in the world.

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