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Pandeweshar Mahadev Temple at Panrra near Dhanbad in Jharkhand

Pandeweshar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located at Panrra village near Dhanbad in Jharkhand. This ancient shrine was built by the Pandavas. Pandeshwar Mahadev Temple is located around 130 km from Dhanbad in Nirsa-cum-Chirkunda Block.

Legend has it that during their exile period in the Mahabharat, Pandavas visited the village and stayed here. The Shivling was established by the Pandavas.

The village, Panrra, derives its name from the Pandavas.

The small but beautiful shrine is located amidst scenic surroundings.

The most important festival observed here is the Shivratri.

The shrine also attracts scores of devotees during the Shravan month.

Did you know?

Shiva as the beggar-god wanders around the world with dogs and ghosts. In this form, he is known as Bhikshatana. Symbolically, it shows that on earth nothing is permanent. Everything is transitory. Who is king today can be pauper the next moment. Even gods in the skies are not above this law.

Metal masks on Shivling are attempts to show the devotee that the formless deity has eyes and can see the suffering of the devotee.