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How Lakshmana Killed Indrajit in the Ramayana?

Indrajit was the son of demon king Ravana. He had defeated Indra and had in his possession numerous divine arrows. Apart from this, he also could use magical powers in the battlefield. He also had the power to become invisible. It was nearly impossible to kill Indrajit. So how did Lakshmana kill Indrajith in the Ramayana?

Indrajith was nearly invincible in the battlefield. Ravana had put all his hopes on his son to defeat Rama’s army. Indrajit hid behind the clouds and showered arrows on Rama’s army. Many soldiers were hurt and it caused serious damage to the monkey army.

Lakshmana could not counter Indrajit because he was invisible.

Indrajith now became overconfident. He thought that soon he would put an end to the monkey army and Ram and Lakshman.

So he made victorious sounds and asked the monkey army to leave Lanka.

Lakshmana had learned the art of shooting arrows at the vibrations of a sound from his father Dasharatha.

Lakshmana picked up the Indra Astra and shot in the direction from where Indrajit was shouting.
The powerful arrow pierced through the heart of Indrajit.

He fell down dead from the skies.