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Baba Mahendranath Temple at Siwan in Bihar

Baba Mahendranath Temple at Siwan in Bihar is famous throughout the region as people get relief from diseases after offering prayers here. People offer bells to the temple and bells of various size and shapes can be found in the temple premises. The shrine was built more than 500 years ago by King Mahendra Veer of Nepal.

Legend has it that King Mahendra Veer of Nepal who was suffering from leprosy was on his way to Varanasi. He rested for a night at Siwan. Lord Shiva came in his dream and told that water in a nearby pond can cure him. The king bathed with the water from the pond and was cured.

Next night he had another dream in which Shiva told him about a Shivling under a peepal tree.

The king got the Shivling retrieved and he built a beautiful temple which is now known as the Baba Mahendranath Temple.

The temple is built using Lakhori blocks and surkhi chuna. The sanctum sanctorum is carved out of a single rock.

The main sanctum has a big dome with a gold kalasha and trishul. There are eight smaller domes in the temple complex.

The main Shivling is black in color and is surrounded with a brass structure. There are small shrines of Goddess Pravati, Goddess Kali, Shankara, Lord Vishwakarma, Ganesha, Panchdevata, Ram Parivar, Hanuman, Kal Bhairava, Batu Bhairav and Mahadev in the temple complex.
The holy pond in the temple is known as Kamaldaah Sarovara.

Shivratri, Durga Puja and Dasara are the important festivals observed here.

Special pujas are held during the Shravan month.