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Urdhva Pundram – Lord Vishnu Devotee Tilak Shape

Urdhva Pundram is the name given by Vaishnava devotees to the shape of tilak worn by them. Urdhva Pundram is worn daily by Lord Vishnu devotees. It is a perpendicular religious mark on the forehead of a Vaishnava devotee.
As per Puranas, Urdhva Pundra should be applied only after a person has had his bath, and wearing clean clothes.

No ritual, prayer or worship can be fruitful unless one applies tilak.
The material used for Urdhva Pundra is pure soft clay, sanctified by utterances of mantras.

Sandalwood paste, holy ashes, and turmeric powder are also used for tilak by people depending on the tradition to which they belong.