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Importance of Bathing in Narmada River in Hinduism

Bathing in the Narmada River is considered highly meritorious in Hinduism. The importance of bathing in Narmada River is mentioned in the Matsya Purana. It is said that one gets redemption from sin by bathing for three years in Saraswati River; for seven days in Yamuna River; for one day in Ganga River. However, it is said that the mere sight of Narmada absolves one of all sins.

It is believed that person who bathes in Narmada River attains rudraloka (the realm of Shiva).

To explain the holiness of Narmada, it is said in Matsya Purana that the tree growing on her banks are liberated from cycle of birth and rebirth.

In Puranas, Narmada River is also known as Vishalya or healer of wounds. Puranas extols her medicinal properties.