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Dumar Lena Cave in Ellora with Andhakasuravadha Murti of Shiva

Dumar Lena Cave is one of the most impressive caves in Ellora. It has the famous Andhakasuravadha Murti. The cave has striking similarities to the famous Elephanta Caves. The cave is adorned with huge sculptured panels depicting stories associated with Shiva. The figures are massive and gigantic structures and are typical of Rashtrakuta tradition.

The main cave shrine contains a Shivling with main entrance on the north side.

It consists of a large hall with transepts on either side. The cave is supported by a number of massive square pillars with cushion capitals that divide the hall into bays.

Dumar Lena Cave is approached by a flight of steps, and the shrine, square on plan, is carved in the rear half of the cave.

The most striking and awe-inspiring sculpture is that of Andkasura Vadha Murti of Shiva. The murti has eight arms, two of which are lifted up, holding an elephant’s hide as a hood over the head. Another wonderful sculpture is that of Shiva Tandava.

Other sculptures in the cave are that of Lakulisa, founder of Pashupata Cult, Gatekeepers or Dwarapalakas with female consorts, Shiva and Goddess Parvati playing dice, Shiva’s marriage with Parvati.