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Book – Attukal Amma – The Goddess of Millions by Lekshmy Rajeev

The book titled Attukal Amma – The Goddess of Millions is written by Lekshmy Rajeev, who is a poet, columnist and translator. Attukal Devi is one among the millions of forms of Mother Goddess Shakti. The Attukal Temple is famous for the world’s largest gathering of women devotees.

About the book from the flyer
Attukal Amma is the people’s Goddess; she is Bhadrakali, the all-pervading and protecting Mother. Legend has it that the Goddess chose the spot at Attukal, near Thiruvananthapuram, for an abode.

Millions of women devotees the world over repose their unalloyed love and trust in Attukal Amma, and they throng Attukal during the annual Pongala festival.

Attukal Amma: The Goddess of Millions familiarizes the reader with the Bhadrakali cult in Kerala and provides a ringside view of the Pongala festival and the various rituals associated with it, even as it raises doubts about the authenticity of the myth of Kannagi, the heroine of Chilapathikaram, associated with the temple.

The pages of this book are interspersed with rare photographs and paintings, some of them depicting candid moments of the awe-inspiring rituals of the worship of Goddess Bhadrakali. It introduces the reader to the esoteric world of rites and rituals of daily worship at the temple.
The book is published by Harper Collins and is available online in several stores.