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Shiveshwar Mahadev in Ujjain – Story of Shiveshwar Form of Shiva – 37th Shiva Temple in Ujjain

Shiveshwar Mahadev is worshiped in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the 84 forms of Shiva worshiped in Ujjain. It is believed that those worshipping Shiveshwar form of Shiva will help in getting redemption and attaining moksha.

The temple dedicated to Shiveshwar Mahadev is located in the Ram Janardan temple complex.
This form of Shiva is associated with King Ripujaya.

Shiveshwar Mahadev is counted among the 84 Shiva Temples in Ujjain and it is the 37th temple visited during the parikarama of Shiavalayas here.

Story of Shiveshwar Mahadev form of Shiva in Ujjain

There once lived a good king named Ripujaya. He was an ardent devotee of Vishnu. But he neglected Shiva. One day Shiva asked a Gana to go to Ujjain and perform prayers to a Shivling there.

The Gana there went in the form of a priest and started worshipping the Shivling. People began going to the priest as they god their problems solved. Childless couples were blessed with children, desires were fulfilled and diseases were cured.

But King Ripujaya did not visit the Shivling and offer prayers.

Bahula Devi, the queen of Ripujaya, did not have any children. A friend of the queen asked her to visit the Shivling and offer prayers.

But queen was not ready to offer prayers alone. He wanted king to accompany her.

The king was not ready in the beginning to visit the Shivling but later relented seeing the sad state of affairs.

The king and the queen offered prayers to the Shivling. Shiva then appeared before them and blessed them with healthy and intelligent children.

Later the Shiva Gana who was disguised as the priest merged in the Shivling.

The Shivling came to be known as Shiveshwar.

People offer prayers here for wish fulfillment and health children.