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Triprayar Shiva Yogini Amma Teachings and Quotes

Try not to see the faults of others or deal about it.

Try to associate in all ways with God and thus become God Himself.

Try to curb and root out the numerous faults of yours that everyday crop up within yourself and also try to identify yourself with one and all in the Universe.

Form is only the first step of ascent on the spiritual path; aim at the formless, you have to go beyond forms to the formless, it is Brahma-Vidya that you should aspire for.

If you perceive the errors in others your mind will be disturbed. Without purification of your inner instruments, it is impossible to reach the goal.

That which you seek to know you can definitely know.

O dear ones endeavor to know the atman – the self, it is not enough if you are merely convinced that you are the Self. Without the elimination of the latent tendencies, vasanas, the spiritual state cannot be fixed upon. In the unstable substance of the mind, peace definitely cannot stay.

When the mind is restrained, humility and patience will begin know this for sure.

It is not easy to conquer the mind, endeavor tirelessly, definitely it becomes possible.

Be and live as children of one mother, do not quarrel over petty things.

It is not enough if one declares the world is unreal, to know you are essentially the spiritual Self, it is absolutely imperative to restrain the chitta.

Put in effort quickly and win over the mind, realize the goal which is the end of all knowing, come experience it.

When the distractions of the mind get restrained, the sense of oneness and harmony grow in you. The sense of non-separateness, far from the ordinary state of man starts getting rooted in you. When this sense of oneness starts taking you over you don’t get bound by anything, which is of this world.

Shiva Yogini Amma - a great mystic

(Source – The Master Mystic The Life of Shiva Yogini Amma)