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Goddess Erukkamma

Goddess Erukkamma is a fierce goddess who is worshipped in Dondaparthy Village near Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. She is basically a village deity. The murti of her is very unique. She is without a head. Her cut-off head lye in front of her and her right arm is wrapped around a kidnapped child, who is sitting on her lap.

Legend has it that there lived a woman named Erukamma in the region. She possessed several powers. She used to kidnap children from the region and used to take them to the outskirts of the village. At the lonely and abandoned place, she used to kill the children and eat them.

One day while she was performing the heinous act of devouring a recently kidnapped child, her head was cut off by a brave man belonging o the Erukala (basket weaver) community.

People feared that she would return in some supernatural form to create more problems in the village. To mollify her, they worshipped her and her powers were used to protect the village and its children.

Today, Erukamma is a guardian deity who protects children from all forms of diseases. She is also worshipped by couples for healthy children.