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Chaturthi Karma – Hindu Ritual for the Consummation of Marriage

Chaturthi Karma is associated with Hindu marriage. It means the rituals on the fourth day after marriage. It is not widely followed today. As per Grihya Sutra, consummation of marriage should take place on the fourth day. Even today marriage celebrations of certain Hindu communities last fort three or four days. Some scholars are of the view that Chaturthi karma indicates that the sexual union of the couple should happen only on the fourth day.

Marriage as per Hindu belief is a sacred union brought about by divine dispensation. Progeny is the prime objective of the various rituals associated with marriage.

The rituals include step by step separation of the bride from her paternal home and gradual union with husband’s family. Chaturthi Karma is part of this objective.

Indra and Agni are invoked for a successful union and healthy progeny.