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Srivaikundam Kailasanathar Temple – Sixth Nava Kailasam Temple at Srivaikuntam in Tirunelveli District

Srivaikundam Kailasanathar Temple is one of the Nava Kailasam Temples and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located at Srivaikuntam in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. This temple is associated with Shani (Saturn), among the Navgrahas. The shrine is around 30 km from Tirunelveli Town.
This is the sixth among the nine Nava Kailasam temples.

Shiva is worshiped here as Kailasanathar. Mother Goddess Shakti is worshiped as Sivakamiammal. Nandi murti faces the main Shivling worshiped in the shrine.

Shani is worshiped in a separate shrine in the temple.

Subsidiary deities worshiped in the temple include Ganesha, Muruga with his consorts and Lord Bhairava.

The flagstaff in the temple is believed to have been brought from Kanyakumari Amman Temple.

Nataraja is worshipped in the temple is covered with sandal paste. He is here known as Santana Sabhapathy.

Huge Bhootanatha Murti at the Temple

Lord Bhootanatha, believed to be a manifestation of Sastha, is the guardian deity in the shrine. His murti is made of wood. Only sacred oil is offered to him. At night the temple is handed over to Lord Bhootanatha as he is the guardian of the shrine.

The temple is a typical example of Dravidian architecture with ornate pillars and sculptures. It is a huge temple with some breathtaking sculpture of deities and characters from Hindu Puranas.

Srivaikundam Kailasanathar Temple Timings
Morning Pooja and Darshan Time: 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Evening Pooja and Darshan Time: 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM