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Shravan Nakshatra – Information – Importance of Sravana Birth Star

Shravan Nakshatra is the 22nd birth star in Hindu astrology. The importance of birth star stems from the fact that Vedas, Ganga River and Lord Venkateswara appeared on earth in Sravana Nakshatra.

The birth of numerous other deities and important events took place in this nakshatra.

The star gets its name from its shape of the ear (sravana). The nakshatra is in Makar Rashi.

The presiding deity of Shravan Nakshatra is Lord Vishnu. The ruling planet of the star is moon – this means that a person born in Sravana star will begin life with moon’s period.

Shravana Nakshatra is an upward looking star and is considered auspicious for performing naming ceremony, first haircut, initiation into the world of letters and learning, thread ceremony, consecration of murtis in temples, to start pilgrimage, journey, medical treatment and other such functions.

Marriages are not performed on Shravan Nakshatra as it is believed that the husband or wife might soon give up desires and turn to renunciation.

Generally, a person born in the birth star will be learned, rich and famous. Will stay away from home. Spend lavishly. Spouse will be handsome or beautiful.