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Shivratri Festival at Ramnathi Temple at Ponda in Goa

Shivratri Festival at Ramnathi Temple at Ponda in Goa attracts scores of devotees. The festivities and pujas begin on the Dwadashi day and conclude on Phalgun Dwitiya Tithi. In 2024, Shivratri Festival at Ramnathi Temple begins on March 8 and ends on March 12. Shivratri pujas is on February 18.

Devotees throng the temple to witness the rituals, pujas, and festivities. Long queue of devotees can be seen from early morning on the day.

The temple is decorated with lamps, lights, flowers and leaves for the occasion.

Bel leaves and fruit are offered to Shiva on the day.

A fair is also organized on the occasion.

Deities worshipped in temple are taken around on various different types of Vahanas or vehicles during the period. Murti of Ramanth is taken in a palkhi near Talli and here is placed on a special chariot. Priests then dance with it and bring it to the temple. The ritual is repeated in the morning and evening.

Various unique rituals are performed on the occasion at the shrine.