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Sharavana Bhava – Why Muruga is known as Saravana Bhava?

Sharavana Bhava, or Saravanan, is one among the numerous names of Muruga or Kartik, son of Shiva and the commander of Devas. He is known as Saravana Bhava as he is believed to have born in a small bush in Ganga River.

When Kamdev broke Shiva’s deep meditation, a divine spark emanated from Shiva. The spark divided into six. Vayu (wind) and Agni (fire) carried them and deposited it in Ganga River.

The Holy River placed them in a cluster of reeds and here the sparks assumed the form of six babies.
As his birth took place in a cluster of reeds, he is known as Sharavana Bhava.

Saravana Bhava means one who was born in reeds or near tall woody perennial grasses.

The name Saravana bhava has six syllables – Sa-ra-va-na-ba-va – thus symbolically it represents the six faces of Muruga.