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Jagadguru Sri Rama Devi Birth Anniversary or Avatara Dinam

Jagadguru Sri Rama Devi (1911 – 1978) was a great master and spiritual guide who helped people in the path of self realization. Her birth anniversary or Avatara Dinam is annually observed on March 4. In 2024, it is the 113th birth anniversary of Jagadguru Sri Rama Devi.

Teachings of Mother Rama Devi was simple. She believed and propagated that anyone can attain self realization. One need not reject worldly life for it.

Sri Rama Devi, practised severe sadhana and tapas for twelve long years and attained nirvikalpa samadhi in her twenty-eighth year.

Her teachings echoed the great words founds in the Upanishads. She tried to make the teachings simple and direct.