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Gauli Shastra – Method Of Predicting Future Based On The Sounds Of Lizard

Gauli Shastra, or Gouli Shastra, is a method of predicting future evens based on the sounds made by a lizard. This is an oral tradition and is not based on any books. It is only followed in some regions, especially in South India. Gouli means house lizard and Shastra means science.

The sounds made by Gouli is seen as omen of good or bad things to come.

Gouli Shastra predictions relating to lizard take into account the following points:
  • The number of times the lizard makes a sound.
  • The time at which the lizard makes the sound.
  • The relational direction from which the sound of the lizard is heard.
  • They type of lizard that makes the sound.
  • In case the lizard were to fall on the body of a person, the place where it falls.
  • The number of lizards that make the sound.
  • The day and the nakshatra or star on which the sound is heard.
  • The voice type of the lizard.
Please note that this is purely an oral tradition and so the predictions vary from region to region. There is no uniformity.

Gaulishastra is not followed by majority of Hindus.

Source – Encyclopedia of Hinduism published by India Heritage Research Foundation.