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Gargi – A Woman of great scholarship in the Vedic Age

Gargi Vachaknavi is today widely quoted to settle the issue regarding women’s role in the Vedic Era. Gargi was a woman of great scholarship in the Vedic age. As per Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, she participated in the biggest scholarly debate of the era, which was held in the court of King Janaka of Videha.

Gargis is also known as Mahabhaga and Brahmavidara. She was the daughter of Vachakanu.

Challenging Sage Yajnavalkya, she asked a series of complex questions relating to Brahman and other allied matters in the court of King Janaka.

Her challenging the versatile scholar Yajnavalkya is often quoted to prove that women were able to reach intellectual and spiritual heights during the vedic age. It also shows that female education was highly developed during the period.

As per Ashvalayana Grhyasutra, daily tarpana should be made by Hindus to three seers and Gargi Vachakanavi is one of them.