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Ezhamkulam Thookkam 2021 date – Garudan Thookam at Ezhamkulam Devi Temple

Ezhamkulam Thookkam is annually held in the Kumbham month as per traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. The ritual is performed to please the Goddess worshipped in the shrine and is undertaken by a few devotees after doing the necessary purification rituals and vratam. Ezhamkulam Thookkam 2021 date is February 19.

Devotees hang from a chariot in the ritual and move around the shrine imitating Garuda, the Vahana or vehicle of Vishnu.

Hundreds of devotees participate in the Garudan Thookam festival.

The temple is traditionally decorated with plantain, coconut leaves, flowers, leaves, traditional lamps and lights.

The annual festival is noted for various other rituals. A fair is organized during the period

The festival is associated with the Kumbha Bharani ritual in the shrine.

The festival is observed on the next day of Kumbha Bharani.

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