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Pattazhy Devi Temple Festival - Pongala

Pattazhy Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi and the shrine is located around 18 km from Adoor in Kollam district, Kerala. The 8-day annual festival in the temple is observed in such a manner that it ends on Thiruvathira nakshatra in Kumbham month. 

The temple is one among the 108 Durga temples in Kerala. In ancient times it was known as Kolambu. As the shrine is near Kollam, the term Kollambu was used to Kshetra nama stotravali to refer to the temple.

The main deity worshipped in the temple is Goddess Bhadrakali. The deity faces west. The Thevaramurti of Vadakke Arapurayil Kambithan faces west.

The murti in the temple is the Raudra Bhavam of Bhagavathi - fierce form. She cannot be directly seen as the murti is placed towards a side. 

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Murugan, Indilayappan Bhoothathan, Yakshi, Naga and Rakshas.

The two main festivals in the temple are the Kumbha Thiruvathira and Meena Thiruvathira.

Ponnin Mudi Ezhunnellippu is held during the Meena Thiruvathira festival.

Raktha Pushpanjali is an important puja in the temple. Kadum payasam is the main prasadam or offering in the temple. 

Pattazhy Devi Temple Pongala

The annual Pongala festival is organized in Makaram month. Thousands of women offer pongala to Pattazhy Devi on the day.

The temple is decorated during the period with lights, lamp, plantain, coconut fronds, flowers etc.

Pongal' ritual comprises of preparing ‘prasad’ for the deity outside the shrine. Women cook rice and jaggery in earthen pots and they offer it to the Goddess. They also cook different type of sweet dishes – called ‘mandaputtu,’ ‘appam,’ ‘therali’ – made out of rice powder and jaggery. Coconut tree fronds are used to cook the ‘prasad.’

Holy fire from the temple is taken out to start the fire for cooking Pongala.