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Kuladevata – Importance of Kuldevata in Hinduism

Kuladevata is the deity of the clan. The concept of Kuldevata is of great importance in many regions and for several Hindu communities. In Hinduism, a particular deity or a particular manifestation of the deity is worshipped as the family deity. Both Gods and Goddesses are worshipped as Kuladevata. Only benign and peaceful forms of deity are chosen as family deity. Ferocious forms are generally avoided.

Kuldevata worshippers carry small pictures or murtis of their deity with them wherever they go.
Each Hindu community has its own particular deity. Generally, it is a popular deity from the Hindu pantheon. Some might be a regional manifestation, which is only worshipped in a particular region.

All important functions in the family are conducted with the blessing of the deity. Special pujas and rituals are performed before auspicious events. In some regions, functions like marriage, upanayana and other events are held before the temple of Kuldevata.

Children in the family are also name after the names of the family deity.