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Kottarakara Vilangara Kavadiyattam – Kottarakara Vilangara Subramanya Swamy temple Thaipooyam Festival

Kottarakara Vilangara Kavadiyattam is observed at the Subramanya Swamy temple located here. The annual ritual is held on the Pooyam nakshatra day in Malayalam Makaram month. Kottarakara Vilangara Thrikkuzhiyoor Subramanya Swamy temple Thaipooyam festival 2017 date is February 10.

The festival begins the children's Kavadiyattam.

The main Kavadiyattam begins at noon and culminates at the Indilayapan temple at Vilangara.

The highlight of the festival is the golden Kavadi and the Panchaloha Kavadi. Thousands of people arrive to have a glimpse of the golden Kavadi in procession.

The famous Agni Kavadi ritual is held at night. The fire for this ritual is made from jackfruit tree wood.

Subrahmanya Sahasranama Archana is performed from morning hours on the day.

Special pujas, rituals, abhishekam, and numerous other activities are held on the day.

Vilangara Thrikkuzhiyoor Subramanya Swamy temple is located around 10 km from Kottarakara.