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True Experience Is Living Our Own Life

Many of us live a borrowed spiritual life. Some try to create replica of someone successful in their life. Some are mere blind followers. However, all this are not the real us. True experience is living our own life. Self-realization happens when we experience it.

All teachings are just words. They are mere references. To experience ‘That,’ we need to venture into the unknown world within us. This needs intense concentration and deep contemplation. Finally we see the light within us and the same light in all animate and inanimate.

As per Hindu teachings, we all are essence of that Supreme Truth. However, layers and layers of ignorance is covering it. This is blocking us from reaching our ultimate goal – self-realization.

As we cannot work hard to remove the ignorance, we become followers or try to imitate someone who has achieved self realization. Sadly, we never even come near true experience.

True experience happens when we search to find answer to Who AM I? This search does not require any preparation, you don’t need travel, there is no money involved. All we need to do is to look into ourselves…look for the source…

The lucky few who are able to clean up ignorance on their own reach true experience.

To know truth you do need go into a cave in the mountains. You need not read volumes of books.

Just look within and feel the oneness.... know that same light in the distant star is also shining within you...