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Supreme State Arises On The Death Of The Ego – Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi points out that a person can achieve supreme state only after the death of the ego.

If during this quest of one’s own Self, the mind turns outwards, due to attachment to sense objects, the seeker should turn it inwards again by merging the world in the Self.

Just as waves, foam, etc., are only the ocean, and as the dream-world is only the seer of the dream, and nothing else, so the whole world is only myself and nothing else.’ This view is the merging of the world in the Self.

If during the quest of one’s own Self the mind turns outwards on account of its attachment to objects of perception, the seeker should turn it inwards again. He should bring the mind back again and again and re-engage it in the quest. There must be a resolve to become aware of the truth of oneself by means of the question, ‘Who is he that has this attachment to objects of perception?’

The aspirant for deliverance must be full of enthusiasm, with his mind in the sattvic mood. He should engage in this quest, remembering the teaching that time is unreal.

Always and everywhere there are doorways for getting at the question ‘Who am I?’ By any one of these the seeker must again and again engage his mind in this quest.

The answer to this question is not an intellectual conclusion. The correct answer to it is only the experience of the real Self. The supreme state arises on the death of the ego, the questioner who calls himself the individual self.