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Story - Sage Narada Asking Lord Vishnu About The Benefit Of Meeting A Holy Person

It is believed in Hinduism that company of a holy person helps in self-realization. A story associated with Sage Narada explains this. Legend has it that once Sage Narada wanted to know about the benefit of meeting a holy person.

Lord Vishnu asked Sage Narada to visit a bird that was just born. On seeing Sage Narada, the bird died.

Next Lord Vishnu asked him to visit a newborn tiger cub. On seeing Sage Narada, the tiger cub too died.

Sage Narada was petrified and went back to Vishnu.

The Lord now asked Sage Narada to visit a newborn calf.

The Sage was hesitant but he still visited the cowshed. His fears came true when the calf too died.

Vishnu now asked Sage Narada to visit a King’s newborn baby.

Vishnu had a hard time convincing a frightened and reluctant Sage Narada.

Finally, the sage visited the newborn baby.

This time around, something unbelievable happened.

The newborn miraculously spoke to him thanking him for his visit.

The child then told the confused Sage that in his earlier births he was a bird, a tiger cub and a calf. Just by the visit of Sage Narada he was elevated to a superior and evolved form. Now he was born as a human and he could now attain self-realization and attain moksha.