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Sammakka Sarakka story – The Legend of Sammakka and Sarakka

The Sammakka Sarakka story is believed to have happened during the 13th century AD in the forest around Medaram in Telangana. Sammakka is the mother and Sarakka or Saralamma is her daughter. The legend begins with the tribal leaders of Koya tribe finding Sammakka in deep forest protected by tigers. The tribal leaders believed she was an incarnation of Kondadevara, god of the hills.

It is said that as a young girl Sammakka rode tigers and lions. She was also a fierce warrior.

Sammakka was married to tribal chief Pagididda Raju of Medaram Village.

The couple had a son and two daughters – Jampanna, Saralamma and Nagulamma.

The older daughter Saralamma or Sarakka was married to Govindaraju.

Once the tribes of the region were unable to pay tax due to severe drought for four years. This angered the ruler of the region, a Kakatiya King, and the tribes entered into a war with the king. In the battle, the tribal chief was killed. Sammakka lost her three children in the battle.

Upon hearing the loss of her children and husband, she entered the battle and fought fiercely against the enemy. A soldier came from behind and struck her. She was mortally wounded. She cursed that the Kakatya dynasty would perish. (And her curse became a reality in few years.)

In order not to be caught alive, Sammakka fled into the forest. Those who followed her found only a vermilion box at a snake hole under a tree.

The tribal people realized that Sammakka had assumed the form of the vermilion box at the place of her liking. The place became her shrine.