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Don’t Be God Fearing – Be God Loving

We have plenty of God-fearing people around us. Then we have God-loving people who are very rare. Anything that is good is rare.

When God is fear, it is not true belief or devotion. It is the result of ignorance and lack of true knowledge. If you are a Hindu and you fear God, then it is time to go back to basics. In Sanatana Dharma, there is no God who rules by fear.

As per Hindu teachings, God does not reside in the heaven and decide on punishments. God does not distribute good luck and bad luck. God does not sit up and distribute poverty and wealth.

God Fearing people are scared of punishments, bad luck, poverty, fear of future… the list is endless. They approach God out of fear. They do not pray because of devotion instead fear is forcing them to pray.

As per Hinduism, God is your friend, philosopher, guide, lover, child… God is available in any form but not in the form of oppressor or punisher.

Be God Loving then we will not run after rituals and fake godmen. When we are god loving many doubts and questions that we have regarding God will be automatically solved.


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