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Bhikshu Gita Teachings

Bhikshu Gita teachings are found in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana

Oh king! Abandon the feeling that you are going to die – a feeling that befits only animals. For, the real you are not, like the body, a previously non-existent thing now come into being.

The real you did not descend like a son from a father, or like a tree from a seed, generated by a being that is itself originated. You are, on the other hand, like the fire, which, though seen in association with wood, is not its product and is entirely different from it.

In the dream, one can experience one’s own decapitation. Physical death in the waking state is on par with it. The atman, which is not one with the body, but only its witness, is not affected by death. It is without origin and deathless.

When a pot is destroyed, the sky enclosed by it becomes one with the universal. So also, when the body perishes through jnana, the jiva becomes one with the Brahman.