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Anayadi Pazhayidam Narasimha Swami Temple Festival

Anayadi Pazhayidam Narasimha Swami Temple is a popular temple dedicated to Narasimha at Anayadi in Kerala. The 10-day annual festival is observed in such a manner that it ends with Arattu on Thiruvonam Nakshatra day in Makaram month. 

The main attraction of the temple festival is procession of elephants. The temple had set a record in 1996 AD by holding a procession of 86 elephants. 

The annual festival is noted for various rituals. Thousands of people arrive on the day to witness various rituals and festivities. Traditional performing arts, music and dance are staged during the period. Caparisoned elephants, melam, fireworks and sheevali are part of the festival. 

The temple is traditionally decorated with plantain, coconut leaves, flowers, leaves, traditional lamps and lights.

The festival ends with Arattu. The utsava murti of the deity is taken out of the shrine for ritual bathing on the final day. Caparisoned elephants and melam are part of the ritual.

Anayadi Pazhayidam Narasimha Swami Temple is located around 5 km Sooranad North in South Kerala.

Anayadi Pazhayidam Narasimha Swami Temple Facts
  • The deity worshipped in the temple is of Grihasthashram form. The main deity faces east.
  • The belief is that the original abode of the deity was on the Arattu Chira of Pallikkal Aru. This murti had once got lost in flood and it was later retrieved and installed in the present spot.
  • Upa devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Bhuvaneshwari, Nagaraja and Nagayakshi.
  • The  Puthiyidam Sri Krishna temple located near the shrine is believed to be the keezhedam of the shrine. The temple was built to the reduce the ferocity of the Narasimha Murti in the Anayadi Pazhayidam Narasimha Swami temple.