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Yam Deep Daan Puja Process – How to do or perform Yam Deep Dan Puja? - With Mantra

Yam Deep Daan Puja is observed on the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month. Here is brief idea on how to do or perform the puja. Please note that puja process might slightly vary in some regions. The day usually falls two days before Diwali.

Materials required for Yam Deep Daan Puja
13 lamps preferably made of wheat flour – if this is not possible then one can use small clay lamps.
Oil (gingely or til oil is preferred)
Other materials that you use in daily puja.

How to do or perform Yam Deep Dan Puja?
Purify oneself by taking bath in the evening.
Offer prayers to Ganesha.
13 lamps are made and flowers are offered to them. You can say your prayers.
Lamps made of wheat flour are then taken outside the house.
They are placed outside the house, facing southwards (direction of Yama), in the evening.
Prayers are then offered to Yama.

This mantra is to be chanted after lighting the lamp:

mrutyunaa paashadandaabhyaam kaalena shyaamayaayuta: |
trayodashyaam deepadaanaat suryaja: prayataam mama |

‘I offer these thirteen lamps to the son of the Sun Deity (Sûrya) so that He liberates me from the clutches of death and bestows His blessings.’

Lamps are kept burning through the night.