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Vedic Vidyalayas Are Becoming Popular Again

Study of Vedas are becoming popular again as there is a demand for acharyas and experts in India and many universities across the globe.

Times of India reports 
The reason behind enrolling wards in the Vedic Vidyalaya is the fact that Vedas are getting popular in western counties and new researches are creating employment.
Many western universities are even offering graduate level courses in Vedas, Sanskrit, Hindu philosophy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish medicinal chemistry among many others.
"Majority of the students who took admission in seven-year course in Vedic schools were from southern schools, but in the past three years students from northern parts of the country are increasingly coming forward to get enrolled in the Vedic schools," said Acharya Pankaj Sharma, Principal of Maharshi Bhardwaj Ved Vedang Shikshan Kendra Prayag, and further informed that around 800 children would be selected for 35 schools this year.
The first Vedic school was set up in year 1994 in north India with an objective that Vedas and shlokas should be recited in every house of the country.
Acharya Sharma, however, said Vedas have gained popularity all across the globe and there has been demand for acharyas and experts in western countries too.