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Revanteshwar Mahadev – About Revanteshwar Form of Shiva - 56th Shiva Temple in Ujjain

Revanteshwar Mahadev is worshiped in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the 84 forms of Shiva worshiped in Ujjain. It is believed that worshipping Revanteshwar Form of Shiva will help in attaining peace and prosperity for the entire lineage. During old age, there will be no trouble and one will have a safe and easy exit to heaven.

The temple dedicated to Revanteshwar Mahadev is located at Kartik Chowk.

This form of Shiva is associated with son of Surya and Chayya, who is known as Revant or Ashwini Kumar.

Revanteshwar Mahadev is counted among the 84 Shiva Temples in Ujjain and it is the 56th temple visited during the parikarama of Shiavalayas here.

Story Revanteshwar Mahadev
Lord Surya and his wife Chayya had a son named Ashwini Kumar. He had the face of a horse and the body of a man. He soon won the three worlds and ruled over it. As he was son of Surya, he emitted powerful rays and the living beings found it unbearable.

The living beings approached Shiva to find a solution.

Shiva remembered Ashwini Kumar and he immediately appeared before him.

Shiva asked Ashwini Kumar to go to Mahakal Van (Ujjain) and offer prayers to a Shivling found north of Koteshwar.

Ashwini Kumar did as directed by Shiva. He performed intense austerities and worshipped Shiva here.

The Shivling absorbed all his energy and life on earth became normal.

The Shivling to which Ashwini Kumar offered prayers came to be known as Revanteshwar.