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Moksha or Liberation - Teachings from Hindu Scriptures

Moksha or liberation is the ultimate goal, the highest endeavor. It is your right. Freedom from sorrows is your right. Freedom from bondage is your right. Freedom from attachment is your right.

Liberation or Moksha is your right, after righteousness (Dharma), material prosperity (Ardh) and pleasure (kama).

Moksha is the ultimate pursuit of this life.

We are not what we seem to be. Getting to know one’s real Self, that is true liberation.
So then what are we? We are immortal.

One who realizes that he is not this body becomes free from the shackles of birth and death.

We are unborn, We are immortal, We are limitless, We are infinite. As long as we think we are this body, we are limited.

As soon as we begin to realize our real self, we become formless, changeless, beginningless, endless and eternal.

Therefore, become the master of our mind and senses, and not their slave.

Freedom from the slavery of senses itself is liberation.

Do not ask for joy. Become the master of joy.

It is a great paradox that the one who is himself existence consciousness bliss is searching for joy outside.

Source - Teachings of Kotikarna - Upanishad Ganga Episode - 12 - Human Goal Moksha