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Kolangattukara Sreelakshmi Varahamurthy Temple

Kolangattukara Sreelakshmi Varahamurthy Temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu at Kolangattukara near Thrissur in Kerala. The shrine is located around 10 km from Thrissur town. The temple is also known as Kolangattukara Thenga Thrikkovu Sri Lakshmi Varaha Moorthy temple.

Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu is worshipped here in the rare Sreelakshmi Varahamurthy form. This aspect of Vishnu is associated with the Varaha Avatar, the third manifestation.

The annual festival in the temple is held on Varaha Jayanti day in Meda Masam (April - May).

The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are equally famous as the main deity. The most important subsidiary deities are Ganesha and Ayyappa. Special pujas are also held during Ganesh Chaturthi and Vrishicka Masam.

The most important temple festival is the held during Varaha Jayanti. Another important festival here is the 9-day Navratri festival.

Udayasthamana puja is held annually on January 1.

Numerous other rituals are held during various periods of a year. The most important among them is the Pratishta dinam in Mithuna Masam (June - July).