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Diwali and Pollution – How Hindus Can Help In Reducing Pollution During Diwali?

Does Diwali cause pollution? Yes like any festival other festival in the world, Diwali too causes pollution especially noise pollution. We Hindus can do a lot in reducing pollution during Diwali. The huge amount of plastic waste generated during the festival is another major area of concern as it results in environmental pollution. Avoid throwing Diwali Lakshmi puja materials in rivers, ponds and lakes.

Avoid high decibel firecrackers that cause noise pollution. Do not encourage children to buy such cheap crackers.

Make sure the crackers are disposed properly and they do not end up in rivers, ponds and other water bodies. Animals are the most affected due to high decibel crackers. Make sure crackers are extinguished properly as they might cause fire and hurt children and animals.

Try to minimize the use of plastic during Diwali. Use paper and other recycle materials while giving gifts. Encourage use of recycle materials during Diwali among friends, relatives and neighbors. Be the change. Set an example.

While doing Diwali shopping carry cloth or reusable bags. Avoid taking plastic bag from shops.

Do not litter streets and neighborhood with crackers and other plastic waste. Remove them.

After pujas, do not throw away the remnants in rivers, ponds and lakes. It pollutes the entire environment. Avoid all forms of plastic materials during pujas. Use only natural materials. Dig a hole and bury natural materials - what came from nature we are returning it back.

Keeping your home clean to welcome Goddess Lakshmi does not mean you throw unwanted things on street.

Avoid buying plastic diyas and lamps. Stick to traditional clay diyas.

A single Diya offered with unfathomable devotion is what Goddess Lakshmi is looking on the day.

Eco-friendly Crackers during Diwali