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Diwali Activities and Ideas for Adults – Employees – Corporates

Diwali is one of the most special times of the year. There are several Diwali ideas and activities for of adults, employees and corporates. Your Diwali can become special if you can bring smile on face of an unfortunate. There are thousands of unfortunate people around us.

We can remember one of our past colleagues who due to some fateful event had to quit his job. Employees can help the person or his/her family. Just a visit to the family during Diwali will be of great reassurance. Corporates can make a difference to their Diwali in many ways.

There are hundreds of people who have retired from your company. Thousands of them will be spending Diwali on their own. Let us make it special by visiting them. Even if they are not living alone, this Diwali you can give them the best gift by telling them that their hard work, effort and dedication is not forgotten.

Diwali Walk – We are always busy so we travel by vehicles. During Diwali, we can take a walk to the neighborhood (near office or home). We can carry sweets and gifts and distribute it among people.

Make a simple Diwali Sweet and share it. Keep it simple. The joy of making a sweet with your colleagues will be special.

Make Diyas and Diwali lamps. Get the feel of clay and mud. Keep your mobiles away and see the difference.

This might sound boring during Diwali but believe it Goddess Lakshmi and you will feel happy. Spread awareness about cleanliness and pollution. Try to educate people about the problems caused by crackers especially noise pollution. Even a small change made by you will go a long way in helping our nation.

In the name of Diwali activity, please do not gift crackers or cheap colorful sweets. You might think you have done your part but these gifts do more damage than good. Try to say no to crackers. We all know the health hazards of cheap colorful sweets – they cause numerous health problems including cancer.

Difference of Diwali in North and South India