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Mirugasirisham Star Temple in Tamil Nadu – Mrigaseersham Nakshatra Temple to offer prayers

Each nakshatra or birth star has a temple dedicated to it. Thus Mirugasirisham, the fifth star among 27 nakshatra, has a temple dedicated to it. This concept is popular especially in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana.

Mrigaseersham star temple in Tamil Nadu is the Sri Aadi Narayana Perumal Temple located at Enkan in Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu.

Mirugasirisham birth star born people can offer prayers here to solve problems in their horoscope.

The nakshatra born people can also offer prayers here for peace, prosperity, wealth and good education.

Those Mirugasirisham Nakshatram born people having trouble in find suitable alliance and also facing other matrimonial problems get relief after offering prayers here.

Married people facing problems get respite after doing prayers in the Enkan Vishnu Temple.