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If this is a shadow world then what is the Being that casts the shadow? – Vanamali

Advaita Vedanta postulates that the world is a world of shadows. Modern science has used the same words. It has as much reality as the dancing patterns that portray the drama of life on the unchanging TV screen.

Without the immutable, colorless, unshaken screen behind, the show could not be projected …

The rishis of the old knew that this is a shadow world, maya, and illusion. But they asked the million-dollar question:

“If this is a shadow world then what is the Being that casts the shadow?”

A shadow obviously cannot exist on its own. All our scriptures have given the answer that there is a Being that causes shadows. This exists because That exists. If that were not to be, then ‘This’ would cease to be.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Bhagvan Sri Krishna declares, “All things exist in Me, but mark my mystery, I do not exist in them.”

Fish exist in the water but the water does not exist because of the fish. Fish cannot exist without water but water can exist without fish.

What Krishna means to say is that Brahman is not a sum total of all creation. That is why no amount of inquiry into the shadow world can give us the truth of absolute consciousness.

Mataji Vanamali – Source book titled – The Science of the Rishis