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About Lalla – Woman Mystic during 14th century in Kashmir

Lalla who lived during the early 14th century in Kashmir was a yogin, advaitin and an ardent devotee of Shiva. Lalla went through all the struggles as she was a woman mystic. Biased family, society and world made her spiritual journey harsher. 
Swami Chaitanya Keerti writes in Deccan Chronicle 
Lalla renounced her husband and his family to meditate and wander everywhere for her sadhana. Though her journey was very arduous, she did all kinds of sadhanas with total sincerity, authenticity and love. 
Lalla was as beautiful as the land she belonged to. With the inner radiance and fragrance of her meditation, she looked otherworldly and celestial. She was always in ecstasy, moving and dancing in samadhi. This exalted state of consciousness is attained when one transcends the mind. She lived so naturally that she did not bother to wear clothes to cover herself. It is really surprising that she had the courage to live naked in those days. It is not possible even today, as the civilised society today would take such woman to some mental hospital or imprison her. 
Lalla did not believe in the superficial divisions of Hindu, Muslim, Jain or Christian. She laid emphasis on cleansing the mind of such impurities that imprison the soul.