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Uruli Kamazhthal Ritual in Nagaraja Temple in Kerala – Uruli Kamuzhthu in Kerala Snake Temples

Uruli Kamazhthal is a unique ritual performed in temples dedicated to serpents in Kerala. It is only performed in Nagaraja Temples. It is considered as a remedy for couples without children. The main ritual involves offering an uruli, a traditional cooking vessel in Kerala. Uruli Kamuzhthu means offering the vessel inverted or mouth of the vessel facing down.

The couple along with the priest or administration of the temple decides on the day to perform the ritual.

During the ritual, couples who do not have children, perform pradakshina or circumambulation of the temple by chanting prayers. The couple carries the uruli. Panchavadyam – music created by five instruments famous in Kerala, accompanies them.

The uruli contains red colored pattu or silk cloth. They first come to the shrine of Nagayakshi and offer prayers. After seeking her permission, they come before Nagaraja and offer prayers. Here they perform the ritual of Uruli Kamizhthu – inverting the vessel.

Special offering of banana and milk are offered to Nagaraja and Nagayakshi on the occasion.
When the couples have a children, they return to perform Uruli Nivarthu. The uruli is kept back in its normal usual position.

Please note that in the famous Mannarshala temple, the act of Uruli Kamizhthu is done by the chief priest or Valiamma. She does it in the nilavara. She turns it up when the couple offers prayers after having a child.