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Murga Mahadev Mandir at Noamundi near Chaibasa in Jharkhand – Murga Mahadev Temple

Murga Mahadev Mandir is a famous temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva at Noamundi near Chaibasa in Jharkhand. The temple is around 50 km south west of Chaibasa near the Orissa border. Murga Mahadev Temple is famous for waterfall of three streams from a height of 80 feet from Thakurani Hill.

The Shivling is worshipped in an oblong shape temple premise which is located near the waterfalls.

Legend has it that Shiva had appeared in the dream of a person who was sleeping here. He asked the person to dig up the area. The Shivling was found during this digging.

The name of the temple is a distorted version of murg (deer). The area of the temple was full of deer in ancient times.

Apart from the Shivling, the temple also has murtis of Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, Ganesha, Hanuman, Kartik and sandals of a Naga Baba.

Prayers are offered here to Ma Parvati for fulfillment of wishes.

There is also a shrine dedicated to Ma Gramdevi in the corner of the waterfall.

The most important fair and festival is observed during Shravan month.

Another important festival is Mahashivratri.

Dhooni of Shiva burns throughout the year and is located in front of the temple.

The most important offerings are food, banana and coconut.