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Kalabhairava Mandir in Ujjain – Kaal Bhairav Temple, Ujjain

Kaal Bhairav Temple in Ujjain is famous due to the offering to the deity – liquor. The shrine is located on Jail Road on the banks of Shipra River. The deity worshiped here is the Kalabhairava form of Shiva.

The murti of Kalabhairava is a large red head with eyes and a crown and is carved out of a single stone. It is erected majrestivally on a raised platform and is fitted on to a wall. Liquor is offered through a thin opening in its mouth. Liquor poured onto a flat plate is, gradually, tippled by the idol with the help of an attendant priest. Devotees say that no one knows where the alcohol goes.

Kalabhairava Temple, hectogonal in shape, is like a fortress with steps leading to a nail-studded gate set in a wall encircling the shrine. The temple architecture shows influence of Marathas. There is a large, black, light-tower in the temple. It has 216 stone lamps.

Other deities worshipped in the temple are Vithal, Shiva, Nandi and Patal Bhairavi.

During Shivratri, thousands of devotees from Gujarat and Maharashtra visit the shrine.