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Dhatr Vedic God – About Dhata or Dhatr a Vedic Deity

Dhatr or Dhata is a Vedic God. The deity is mentioned in the Rig Veda as a creator. Dhatr or Dhata literally means creator. In earlier texts, he created earth, sun, moon, heaven and air. He is the lord of the world.

As per some post Vedic texts, he is equivalent to prajapati or brahma.

But as per Mahabharata and Puranas, Dhatr is one of the Adityas.

As per Bhagavad Purana, Goddess Anumati was the wife of Dhatr Aditya.

Currently Dhatr is one of the names of Bhagvan Vishnu, Shiva and Surya.