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What is Kavach Mantra in Hinduism? – Importance of Kavacham

We all have heard about Hanuman Kavach, Aditya Kavacham… But what is Kavach mantra in Hinduism. Kavacha is a protective mantra. A deity is invoked to protect every part of the body from evil influences through the particular Kavach prayer associated with deity. The mantras are found mainly Puranas and Tantric texts.

Recitation of the Kavacha itself is the spell for protection.

A kavacha generally mentions every limb of the body specifically and requests the specific deity to protect that particular limb.

It is also chanted to ward off evil and negative forces.

Kavach Mantra was orginially written in Sanskrit. Some were first written in Tamil.

There are a more than 100 Kavachas.