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Story Of Katyayani Vrata – Katyayani Vrat Katha

Katyayani Vrata is observed in Margashirsh month in North India and is dedicated to Goddess Katyayani form of Goddess Durga. The story of Katyayani Vrata is associated with Sri Krishna playing prank on the Gopis in Braj. Katyayani Vrat Katha is as follows:

One day the gopis of Braj were observing Katyayani Vrat, as usual, went to Yamuna River took off their clothes, placed them on the bank and started having bath. While practicing this austerity they prayed to the Goddess to make Krishna as their husband.

Lord Krishna was aware of their wishes. The boy Krishna came there, took away their clothes, and sat on a branch of a Kadamba Tree.

He then called upon the gopis to come out of the water to collect their clothes one by one.

It is said that the Gopis had no shame on their part in coming out nude from Yamuna as they had been practicing Katyayani Vrata. The story symbolically suggests that the individual need not hide anything from the Lord. It also implies that the covering of Maya has to be shed to know the ‘Truth.’